Get to Know the Author Part 1

I realized that I don’t really post much about myself, so I thought this would be a great start to show my supporters who I am!

Top Hiking Locations for the Spring!

Spring is in the air and is a perfect time to go outside and get some exercise while staying an acceptable distance apart! Here are 5 awesome hiking locations to check out!

Unique Date Ideas

Getting tired of the same old movie and dinner date night ideas? Let’s bring some romance and fun back into the plan! Here are some unique date ideas that are great for if you’re still in a semi-lockdown status.

2020 Top Romance Novels

The romance holiday has come and gone once more! But that doesn’t mean that we have to halt all romance talk. Here are some of the top romance novels (not including my own Bottle of Uncertainty) of last year!

Romantic Gestures

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Do you have a plan in place? Here are a few romantic gestures that can be incorporated throughout the week (or longer) to be even more romantic without worrying about breaking the bank.

Favorite TV Shows

I love immersing myself into the arts, whether that be my obvious passion (writing) or other mediums such as music, movies, and tv shows. Here are a few of my favorite tv shows and why I love them!

Winter Weekend Getaways

With this new year comes new adventures and possibilities. And with winter still in full gear, here are 5 winter weekend getaway places that you are sure to love!

Beautiful Libraries

Writing is obviously a passion of mine, but reading is subsequently a hobby that I enjoy as well. Curling up with a good book like Bottle of Uncertainty next to the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate is a perfect way to unwind. With my love of books also comes a love of book set ups where varieties can be displayed. Bookstores and libraries are prime examples of such places. Here are a list of beautiful libraries across the world.

Clean Space

We have officially wrapped up our first week in the new year! What better way to start off than getting organized and feeling good about the space you are in? Take a day or a weekend to follow these steps. 2020 had us in disarray, but we are taking control in 2021!

Lessons Learned from 2020

2020 has been such a difficult year with so many people having been affected. It has included a rollercoaster of ups and downs to varying degrees. My family and friends have been such amazing support beams and the new followers and friends that I have gained this year have been a blessing. Here are 5 things that I have learned from 2020 that I plan to continue focusing on this year.

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